Chris Miller

Chris explores devalued knowledge of the humanities in our modern world: the quickly vanishing appreciation for narratives — from Homer to Herodotus to Shakespeare to Socrates — that informed and entertained generations before us.

The wonder of human experience throughout history is out there on the internet, libraries, and used bookstores — ready to be rediscovered by generations with little access to the classics. Chris’ latest project, at and @metaharry on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, explores those tales through social media posts from the perspective of a time-traveling raconteur.

Chris was a graphic designer, creative director, and marketing director for 25 years. During that time, he collected a trove of antique ephemera, from vintage photos to postcards to discarded books — anything that caught his eye. After experimenting with figure drawing, oil painting, watercolors, and various other techniques, he settled on something that involved everything he wanted to do at once: mixed media collage. There’s no guarantee what technique or medium you will find in Chris’ work. Any particular piece might have a combination of drawings, block printing, painting techniques, pages out of a 100-year-old newspaper, and found or custom-made hand stamps.

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