Debbe Cornitius

Although I enjoy many different two and three-dimensional processes, my primary focus has been stone carving and bronze casting. I find the challenge of creating form compelling and rewarding. Ideas for my work come from many natural forms including clouds, birds, flowers, trees and rock formations. Something in these objects speaks to me and influences my work in sculpture. My inspiration comes from dreams, my garden, or while on a walk. I see something in a raw stone and it lures me into touching it, beckons me to begin revealing the form within.

I find working with wax in the process of bronze casting fascinating. In the last few years I have been combining stone and bronze in my work. The processes involved in working with these materials are quite different. I appreciate the variation between the two and enjoy transitioning from one to the other as I create each piece. Bringing these two media together creates a very unique visual experience that couldn’t be achieved using these materials alone. The female form has been an inspiration to me since the beginning of my work as a sculptor. Although I continue to explore various avenues, I gravitate to the abstraction of the female form. Recently I have been immersing myself in painting. I enjoy the freedom that results from intuitively allowing the paint to express itself, flow, to build and result in an engaging textural experience for the viewer.

In this recent work I committed to the concept of self-portraiture within a six-month period of time. This has resulted in the creation of paintings and sculptures that represent my personal inner exploration. I believe that this has been a courageous venture for all of us as we speak our truths and reveal the feelings and emotions that are not always easy to express.

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