Tara Jones & Friends


When a call for artists went out over a neighborhood email list a few months ago, I responded with an offer to host two day-long house concerts during what was to become Art in the Hood. My offer was enthusiastically accepted and I immediately sent out my own call for musicians. I couldn’t be more  delighted by the response I received and am so very excited to spend a weekend listening to the music of this diverse group of musicians.

As for me….

I love to write music. I love to sing.

For most of my life the songs I have written used other people’s words for lyrics.

Religious texts
Yoga Music
Lines from a play

Baker's Dozen

Then, several years ago, I wrote my first love song. Years later I wrote a dozen more and put them all together to create my CD “Baker’s Dozen”.

This past year, I made two decisions that have expanded my singing/music repertoire even more.

To celebrate turning 50 I fulfilled a lifelong dream of being a night club singer by singing a short set of jazz standards first (a cappella) at an open mic and then with Paul Biondi’s great jazz quartet at Mac’s at the Vet’s Club in Eugene. I will sing a full set of such songs (with a couple of my own thrown into the mix) with piano accompaniment on Saturday.

To recreate the wonderful experience of collaboration that I enjoyed when recording my CD, I put together the band that will be performing covers of folk, rock and pop tunes as well as a couple songs of my own on Sunday.

I find great joy and inspiration in music, in singing, in song-writing, in performing with other musicians. I hope that you will enjoy hearing both the songs that I have written and the songs I love to sing.

In addition to the artists whose studios are part of the art walk I have invited Margot Lovinger and Deborah Herbert to exhibit their beautiful creations at my home to be viewed (and purchased) by those who attend the music performances.

Margot Lovinger

Deborah Herbert